‘Rose-Scented Dew’/’Isabella’ (2017)

i. Rose-Scented Dew, ii Isabella

(Released as The Plums, the a-side is an exclusive song for mailing list subscribers)

In Photographs (“Anxiety is Love’s Greatest Killer”)’ (2016)

i. Pink Blossom, ii. The Wedding Song, iii. Seashells by the Old Grand Hotel

The Long Transition (2015)

i. Willows, ii. Lavender Daydream, iii. Joy is a Lucid Sea, iv. Ivory Palaces, v. The Flowers of Romance, vi. Silhouette (“Ink Curls”), vii. You Loved Me

Includes A Killing Jar, an accompanying film, which is viewable here.

“Orchids” (2013)

i. Melody Hurts, ii. Synaesthesia, iii. Peacocks, iv. Youth (“Don’t Take My Love Away”)

Sketches for Pale Sunday (2013) (cassette release)

i. Golden Hand, ii. I’ll Stand By Your Side, iii. Black Marbles