‘Private Life’ (2019)

i. Locomotive, ii. The Russian Dolls, iii. Crushed Velvet, iv. Slow Ballad for a Distant Painter, v. Jerusalem, vi, A New Beginning, vii. Midnight at the Orangery, viii. Blood from a Stone, ix. European Eye, x. Forever Dreams of a ‘Private Life’

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‘Rose-Scented Dew’/’Isabella’ (2017) (Released as The Plums)

i. Rose-Scented Dew, ii Isabella

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In Photographs (“Anxiety is Love’s Greatest Killer”)’ (2016)

i. Pink Blossom, ii. The Wedding Song, iii. Seashells by the Old Grand Hotel

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The Long Transition (2015)

i. Willows, ii. Lavender Daydream, iii. Joy is a Lucid Sea, iv. Ivory Palaces, v. The Flowers of Romance, vi. Silhouette (“Ink Curls”), vii. You Loved Me

Includes A Killing Jar, an accompanying film, which is viewable here.

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“Orchids” (2013)

i. Melody Hurts, ii. Synaesthesia, iii. Peacocks, iv. Youth (“Don’t Take My Love Away”)

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Sketches for Pale Sunday (2013) (cassette release)

i. Golden Hand, ii. I’ll Stand By Your Side, iii. Black Marbles